£290.00 - £340.00

Adorned with a geometric pattern of lines combined with a sleek brush finish and burnished edges, this solid silver bangle holds a secret meaning for the wearer and those that know.

The design can be customised by choosing a number of notches, lines, or both, to represent a date, age or number.

The bangle pictured has 21 lines round it marking a 21st birthday as one example of how the date notches can work. Another could be using a mixture of notches and lines to mark a date, for example 23rd June 2021 could be shown as 23 notches on one edge and 6 on the other edge for the day and month, and 21 lines for the year.

Also available with a hammered finish.

Product Details
  • Sterling Silver, hallmarked in Edinburgh
  • Width: 6mm, Thickness: 2mm
  • Made to size

Ordering Details
  • Place your order below and leave the date or number you'd like notched in the notes section at checkout.
  • We'll also need to know what diameter you'd like the bangle to be. Measure around the widest part of the hand for this.
  • Islay will be in touch with a drawing of how your notches and lines will look on the bangle for you to approve before making.


Check out the Instagram feeds to see what's going on in the workshop just now and search #datenotches to see more jewellery with date notches!

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Islay also offers a completely bespoke jewellery making service. If you are interested in commissioning your own completely unique design, please visit the online gallery to view previous designs and get in touch by email.