Gneiss Facet Ring

£100.00 - £170.00

Inspired by geological forms, these Gneiss (pronounced nice!) Rings can be made in a multidude of widths and sizes with either an oxidised or polished finish ... or a combination of both!

They are handmade to order so each one carries it's own unique pattern formed by the flat filed facets and no two will ever be the same. There is the option to polish some of these facets to a high shine to contrast with the filed facets, it could even be an amount of polished facets which correspond to a month or other meaningful number.

The Gneiss Rings in the main photo, left to right -
- 2.8mm wide, silver filed facets with some polished, size I
- 2.8mm wide, oxidised silver filed facets with some polished, size L
- 2.5mm wide, silver filed facets, size N.5
- 5.8mm wide, oxidised silver filed facets, size R.5
- 5.5mm wide, silver filed facets, size Y

Product Details
The ring will be hallmarked in Edinburgh and can also be laser engraved with a message, initials or date.

Ordering Details
Prices for each of these width options in Sterling Silver are below.
Please state your UK ring size and chosen finish when ordering.

Finish Choices
- Full silver or oxidised
- Whether you want some polished facets and if there's a particular number

Other Metals
These rings can also be made in 9ct Gold, 18ct Gold (yellow, white or rose) or Platinum. As the prices for these precious metals fluctuate and finger size can make a huge difference, we have provided some guide prices here, all subject to change (April 2023)

Gneiss Ring 2.5mm wide, size P
9ct Yellow Gold - £333 , 18ct Yellow Gold - £762

Gneiss Ring 5.5mm wide, size Y
9ct Yellow Gold - £895 , 18ct Yellow Gold - £2215

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