Bespoke Edged Landscape Kilt Pins

£50.00 - £384.00

Choose your landscape, choose your edge style, add date notches if you like and get yourself one of Islay's signature designs - the Edged Landscape Kilt Pin!

Prices start at £324 for one layer and a single edge, increasing with each additional layer, edge or other detail. To give an example, two layers and two edges, like the Jura design, would cost £384.

Choose your landscape, style of edge, date and any other details such as photo-etching or engraving.

Product Details
Sterling Silver, hallmarked in Edinburgh
Steel pin and silver rollover clasp
About 85mm tall
Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with polishing cloth and authenticity card

Date notches are an abstract way to add a date to a design. Usually the day and month are represented in notches and the year in lines.
For example the Jura Kilt Pin has 18 notches on the left for the day, 5 on the right for the month of May, 1 line at the top and 9 at the bottom for year 2019.
The Bennachie Kilt Pin handles the year differently by having 16 lines across the whole date stick for the year 2016.
Check out my Date Notched Kilt Pin for more examples of how the notches and lines can work to suit your date and design style.

Ordering Details
Contact Islay with your design request and a photo of your chosen landscape and she will draw up the design and provide you with a price and completion date.

Once the design is confirmed we will ask for half the quoted amount (minus the £50 design fee payable below) to be paid by bank transfer with the rest payable on completion.

Lead time for this sort of design is 4-6 weeks.


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Islay also offers a completely bespoke Kilt Pin service. If you are interested in commissioning your own completely unique design, please visit the online gallery to view previous designs and find out more about creating your own bespoke Kilt Pin - Bespoke Kilt Pin Gallery